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At TheFloorSmith ltd we pride ourselves in our customer service. Once all work is complete, we ask customers to inspect all works before paying the remaining invoice. We ask for a 50% deposit before all works to secure the materials and also the booking slot.

Sometimes issues happen outside of our control with material deliveries and also other trades so work can be delayed and moved around which we will try of upmost to move you to the next nearest slot.

If you find an issue with your flooring, we ask you to email or call as soon as you see the issue for someone to come and inspect the flooring. We aim to come out to your project within 10 days of receiving your complaint. If the issue is with the product, we will contact the manufacturer and have replacement flooring order. If there is a fitting mistake, we will rectify it asap.

Email- [email protected]
Call- 01373 752075

All flooring estimates are to the best of our knowledge and experience’s for all costs, sometimes unseen issues can cause for the final invoice to become more but this will be explained to you at all times.

Any agreement between the customer and company is a binding contract. Cancellations without sufficient notice will result in loses to us that we will pass onto the customer, to avoid unnecessary costs to both parties we require a 5 day notice should you need to cancel or reschedule the work.

Email- [email protected]
Call- 01373 752075

Subfloor – All subfloor needs to be up to British building standards. Plywood needs to be SP101 flooring grade plywood, ring shanked nailed.

Concrete/screeds most be dry before any flooring finishes are applied, please reference to the screed manufacture for drying times.

Calcium Sulphate/Anhydrite/Hemihydrate Screeds: Mechanically remove any laitance and provide a sound, clean, dry and dust-free surface. The relative humidity within the subfloor must read below 75% RH prior to the application of a barrier primer.

Underfloor heating most be turned on and working before we latex over the floor. Two days before we come to fit the floor the UFH needs to be turned off or lowered to 15degrees. Once the latex has been laid the UFH needs to be turned up 1degree a day until you reach your required temperature.

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